CCTV Report: Panda Power Plant - "Lighting Name Card" of South-South Cooperation

(Bonn, Germany) On November 15, 2017, CCTV2 Economic News highlighted Bonn Climate Change Conference, and had a special coverage on the global climate change iconic project - "Panda Power Plant" as the "Lighting Name Card" of South-South Cooperation.

It was reported that "Panda Power Plant" not only has a lovely design, but also applies the most advanced photovoltaic power generation technology. The conversion rate far exceeds the industry average and can well integrate with the surrounding environment to form a low-carbon green circular ecosystem. Moreover, "Panda Power Plant" will help Pacific islands to reduce power generation costs and promote the local energy transformation. In the future, "Panda Power Plant" will gradually land in "Belt and Road" related countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, and become the "Lighting Name Card" as China's action on the South-South Cooperation.

Mr. Alan Li, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Panda Green Energy Group Limited, was invited to an interview with CCTV at the Bonn Climate Change Conference and depicted an explicit development blueprint for "Panda Power Plant" on promoting South-South Cooperation. He said, "In the future we will build more Panda Power Plants of different designs in China and invite delegates from the ‘Belt and Road’ related countries to select suitable patterns and organically introduce this creative eco-development solution to these countries."

As a green energy integrated solutions provider, Panda Green Energy is committed to providing a sustainable pattern for global green low-carbon development and South-South Cooperation. Dr. Li Jiewei, General Manager of Panda Green Energy Overseas Business Department stated at the “Climate Action in South-South Cooperation Conference” jointly held by the National Development and Reform Commission and the UN South-South Cooperation Office, “Panda Green Energy will go through cooperation, changes and actions to bring more and more Panda Power Plants all over the world, introduce the advanced technology to the world, pass on our concept of green development and fully support the UN's goal of sustainable development.

The "Belt and Road" Initiative has become a model for global South-South Cooperation. Panda Green Energy will follow the “Belt and Road” blueprint, commence the "Panda Power Plant" construction and layout along the “Belt and Road” related countries and areas, promote sustainable development together with all developing countries, and write a new episode for South-South Cooperation.