Panda Green Energy Won the Photovoltaic Super Top-Runner Project

(June 11, 2018) The world's leading eco-development solutions provider—Panda Green Energy Group Limited ("Panda Green Energy", stock code: 00686.HK) announced that it won the 250MW Photovoltaic Super Top-Runner Project with LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“LONGi Green Energy”), which is the largest monocrystalline silicon manufacture in the world. The bid price is the benchmark price in electricity. This project is the first Super Top-Runner Project in China.

It has become global consensus that we should develop renewable energy to address the climate change and promote low-carbon energy transitions. China’s National Energy Administration and other departments have launched the Top-Runner Project and the Super Top-Runner Project in recent years to encourage the technical progress and industry upgrade in domestic PV industry. In the last two years, Panda Green won the Top-Runner Project successively for its Shanxi Datong Project, Inner Mongolia Baotou Project and Anhui Lianghuai Project with its advanced technology, good performance and strong comprehensive capacity. In this year, the Super Top-Runner Project has a higher standard, which requires higher technical standards and selection criteria, aiming to support the advanced technology with the capacity of scale production but not released and prepare for the application and scale production of the next generation storage technology. As the first participant in the China’s Super Top-Runner Project, Panda Green will have the first-mover advantage in the PV industry and the competitive advantages in photovoltaic technological competition.

As the world’s leading eco-development solutions provider to integrate complementary power generation from diverse types of energy covering hydropower, solar power, wind power, and energy storage, Panda Green is committed to develop an ecological clean energy circle and has become the backbone force in promoting the clean energy to homes around the world with its innovative development mode and advanced technology in the management and maintenance for power stations. In the future, Panda Green will continue to lead the development of new energy industry and promote the co-operation and sharing for the clean energy in the world with its advanced technology and rich resources.