Panda Green Held a Staff Conference Call

1. Since 2020

18th February

Beijing Energy Holding co.,Ltd. subscribed 7,176,943,498 Shares of Panda Green. The Subscription Shares represent approximately 32.00% of the enlarged fully paid up issued share capital of the Company, making Beijing Energy Group the largest shareholder of the Company.

21st February

The Board of Panda Green announced the changes in senior management of the company. Mr. Zhang Ping was appointed as an executive director, the chairman of the board and the chief executive officer of the Company. Mr. Huang Hui was appointed as an executive director and the chief finance officer. 

24th February

In the special condition of coronavirus, Panda Green Held a call conference for the staff.

2. The Former Director of the Board Gave a Speech
The advent of Beijing Energy Holdings Co., Ltd, is a milestone for Panda Green. With Beijing Energy Holdings Co., Ltd, the other three state-owned shareholders would stick together to support the development of Panda Green, which would contribute to the enhancement of Panda Green in business and capital market. Also, the professional team from Beijing Energy would strength the power of Panda Green. Compare to last year, the economic environment is enhancing this year. The renewable energy industry is also recovering. In summary, Panda Green would embrace a bright future.

3. The HRD Bai Guangmin Gave a Speech

The HRD Bai Guangmin introduced the human resource structure of Panda Green as well as the staff who attended the conference.

4. Zhang Ping, the Director of the Board, Gave a Speech

It is a great honor for me to join Panda Green. I would fight with the company, endeavor to make Panda Green a first-class international renewable energy company, in order to achieve the sustainable development of the company. The subscription of shares of Panda Green is not only an outcome of the reformation of state-owned company of Beijing, but also an important step of the blueprint of Beijing Energy in renewable energy in the long term.