Tongliao 1.38 MKW Wind Power Project’s Wind Turbine Foundation Pouring Completed in Molimiao

On October 22, 2023, the concrete pouring of the last wind turbine foundation of the 1.38 million kilowatts ecological control wind power base project (Molimiao) in Horqin District of Tongliao City was smoothly completed. This marks the completion of 82 wind turbine foundations of the project and lays a solid groundwork for operation and power generation.

The project entered the construction phase on July 25, with a total installed capacity of 511.25MW, and 81 wind turbines with a stand-alone capacity of 6.25MW and 1 wind turbine with a capacity of 5.0MW are installed. On August 13, the concrete pouring of the first wind turbine foundation of the project was completed. To hasten the construction progress, the project department carefully planned and took multiple measures including various safety and quality assurance measures for the purpose of strict control, actively coordinated internal and external relations to overcome difficulties such as short-handedness, working challenges, fragmented terrains, low temperature, etc., and they focused on safety, strengthened the management of engineering construction process, and achieved zero quality defects and zero safety accidents. Finally, with nearly three months’ hard work, the foundations of 82 wind turbines had been completely poured on October 22. There are 924 concrete cast-in-place piles in the project area, with 206,887 cubic meters of earthwork excavation, 6,192.3 tons of steel bar binding and 72,858.6 cubic meters of concrete pouring.

As for the next step, all staff of the project department will always bear in mind their responsibility and mission, keep a close eye on the overall target of construction, strengthen the control of site construction safety, quality and progress, overcome difficulties such as freezing weather and other obstacles to ensure on-grid operation as per the schedule, and fight teeth and nail to guarantee the project progress. In the final sprint to success, the project team will remain invincible to secure the progress and on-grid operation. With high morale, they will vehemently persevere in the follow-up work of turbine hoisting, electrical equipment installation and grid-connecting coordination to ensure everything be completed on schedule!