Beijing AI Public Computing Platform(Shangzhuang) Is Released

On December 26, 2023, the opening ceremony of “FLOPS ERA BEH AIGC” Beijing AI Public Computing Platform (Shangzhuang) sponsored by Beijing Energy Holding (BEH) was successfully held in clean energy Shangzhuang Thermal Power Plant.

Zhang Ge, party secretary of Haidian District Committee, Jiang Guangzhi, party secretary and director general of Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, Zhai Xianjun, first-level inspector of Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Yang Renquan, deputy party secretary of Haidian District Committee, Liu Hang, second-level inspector of Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and He Jianwu, full-time deputy director of Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee; Jiang Fan, party secretary and chairman of BEH, Kan Xing, deputy party secretary and president, and Sui Xiaofeng, vice president of BEH; Xu Shijun, vice president of Alibaba Group, Li Jun, president of Sugon, Ren Jingyang, senior vice president of Sugon, and other relevant leaders attended and witnessed the opening ceremony of the platform. More than 70 leaders of Beijing municipal government, industry experts and business representatives attended.

Beijing AI Public Computing Platform (Shangzhuang) is built and operated by BEH, and phase I of 500 petaflops (FP16 dense computation) computing power is launched today, which can effectively alleviate the acute shortage of computing power among universities, research institutes and small and medium-sized AI enterprises in Beijing. The inclusive computing service provided by the platform will help the cultivation and construction of the AI eco-system in the capital city and empower the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. 

Jiang Fan said at the press conference that the launch of Beijing AI Public Computing Platform (Shangzhuang) is the starting point for the company to realize the integrated development and strategic transformation of energy and computing power, and it is also a successful move for Beijing to build a new infrastructure base of an exemplary digital city. It is also a major milestone in the field of AI development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. The company is committed to building the platform into an AI infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology, full-fledged functions and top-notch service by mobilizing top technical forces at home and abroad and continues to promote the R&D and application of AI technology, providing strong computing support for the development of digital economy of Beijing.

At the press conference, BEH signed strategic cooperation agreements with Alibaba Cloud and Sugon to fully deepen cooperation on green energy, public cloud and intelligent computing infrastructure. At the same time, BEH signed cooperation agreements with partners such as ChatGLM (Zhipu AI), DP Technology, ThunderSoft and INFINIGENCE to jointly build a digital industry eco-system.

Empowering computing power and integrating applications. Going forward, BEH will fully capitalize on the advantages of energy supply and green power resources, innovate and create a new mode of power and computing power integration to realize 100% green power operation of computing platform as soon as possible. It strives to launch the phase II 1,500 P public computing power in Q1 of 2024, and reserve more than 2,000 P computing power expansion space to help the capital city become an international science and technology innovation center and a global digital economy exemplary city.

In the future, the company will take the construction of its digital industry eco-system as a strategic goal, base itself on the capital city and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and actively create spill-over effect to a broader area. Relying on the construction of super-large intelligent computing centers and the layout of industrial clusters, it will invest in new infrastructure represented by AI and industrial Internet as the breakthrough point, and build a digital economy development base with computer integration and network integration through capital operation, resource integration and eco-system construction, so as to seize the new digital opportunity for digital economy.