BJ ENERGY INTL Held Talks with Shanghai Ruisi Real Estate Finance Research Institute

On June 26, Zhang Ping, Chairman of Beijing Energy International, met with Zhu Yuanwei, President of Shanghai Ruisi Real Estate Finance Research Institute, in Beijing to exchange views on the deepening cooperation in the clean energy sector, focusing on multi-level REITs and capital operation strategies.

During the meeting, both parties introduced their respective business areas and future plans. They agreed that the two parties share similar concepts regarding the development trends of the REITs market and capital operation systems for clean energy assets. They foresee long-term cooperation opportunities for mutual benefit. Beijing Energy International has a diverse and high-quality reserve of assets domestically and internationally, complementing the research institute’s capabilities in financial and capital project analysis, policy recommendations, and resource coordination. Their next step involves establishing a high-level, comprehensive, and multi-dimensional platform for listed companies and REITs operations, innovating financial models, setting benchmarks in capital markets, and further enhancing corporate influence and appeal. Going forward, both parties will leverage their respective strengths, strengthen cooperation, and jointly contribute to the development of China’s REITs market, promoting high-quality infrastructure industry and economic development.

Vice President Bai Tianxue and Senior Analyst Yang Chenglin from Shanghai Ruisi Real Estate Finance Research Institute as well as Vice President Liu Dongsheng from Beijing Energy International, were among the attendees.