BJ ENERGY INTL’s 100 MW Fishery Complementary Photovoltaic Project in Yifeng County, Yichun, Jiangxi Connected to Power Grid

On June 29, Beijing Energy International’s Shiyong 100 MW fishery complementary photovoltaic (FPV) project in Yifeng County, Yichun, Jiangxi was successfully connected to the grid. This project marks the company’s first ground-mounted, centralized photovoltaic and storage project in Jiangxi and signifies a major step forward in its development and deployment of new energy projects in Central China. It also serves as a valuable demonstration and reference for subsequent project development and construction.

Located in Shishi Town, Yifeng County, the project plans to install a 100 MW photovoltaic capacity, complemented by a 20 MW/40 MWh energy storage system. The project employs a FPV model, with photovoltaic panels installed above water for power generation and fish farming carried out beneath, thus achieving a dual use of the land. Once operational, the project is expected to produce approximately 107 million kWh of clean, green electricity annually, equivalent to saving about 31,600 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 82,600 tons. This will further support the energy structure transformation in Yifeng County and contribute to the achievement of Jiangxi Province’s dual carbon goals.