Beijing Energy International and Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Visited the Energy Bureau of Jilin Province

On March 31, headed by Zhang Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd., a delegation of Beijing Energy International and Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy went to Changchun to visit the Energy Bureau of Jilin Province, planning to integrate the “Three Gorges on Land” plan of Jilin Province with the wind and solar power strategy of the company to actively promote the implementation of “transmitting Jilin’s Electric Power into Beijing”. Wang Xiangmin, Deputy Director of the Development and Reform Commission of Jilin Province and Director of the Energy Bureau, extended a warm welcome to Chairman Zhang Ping and his colleagues, and organized a meeting between the Electric Power Division and the New Energy Division of the Energy Bureau of Jilin Province and the team of Beijing Energy International to seek mutual development.

Zhang Ping introduced the overall profile of the Group, the “14th Five-Year” plan and long-term goal towards the year 2035. He said that the “14th Five-Year Plan” is a critical period for the transition towards low-carbon emission energy. As the two important investment platforms for the Group’s development in new energy industry, Beijing Energy International and Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy will take the opportunity of Jilin Province’s development of “Three Gorges on Land”, actively participate in the investment and construction of wind power, photovoltaic power and pumped storage power stations in Jilin Province, give full play to its advantages as a state-owned enterprise under the direct administration of Beijing, and contribute to the implementation of the plan of “transmitting Jilin’s Electric Power into Beijing”, so as to strive to realize the goal of “carbon neutrality and reaching the peak in carbon emission” and support the development of Jilin’s new energy industry.

Wang Xiangmin highly recognized the development of the Group in the field of new energy. Wang Xiangmin said that as a province rich in renewable resources, Jilin Province will unswervingly implement the national goal of “reaching the peak in carbon emission and realizing carbon neutrality”, transform resource advantages into industrial advantages, accelerate the adjustment and optimization of energy structure, push forward the construction of the “Three Gorges on Land” project, and seize a competitive position for the energy development in the future. He expressed his hope that the company can play an important role in the work of “transmitting Jilin’s Electric Power into Beijing” to jointly ensure the Beijing’s access to green electricity and provide important support for the further increase of the proportion of green electricity in the Beijing Power Grid.

The two sides reached an initial cooperation intention at the meeting, and agreed to establish a special working group soon to push forward relevant work. The meeting was attended by Wang Haigang, Director of the Electric Power Division of Jilin Energy Bureau, Wang Chunyu, Director of the New Energy Division of Jilin Energy Bureau, Vice President Jia Geng, Investment Director Zhao Li, Leader of the Northeast Branch Preparation Team He Kun of Beijing Energy International, and Secretary of the Northeast Party Branch Li Jian and General Manager Li Wanyan of Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy.