Panda Green Won The “Best in Social Responsibility Award” In “2019 Enterprise Excellence Awards Presentation Dinner”

On September 6th, on the “2019 Enterprise Excellence Awards Presentation Dinner”, Panda Green ( 00686.HK) won the “Best in Social Responsibility Award” thanks to its contribution to sustainable development and social responsibility. The Director of Human Resource Department, Mr. Guangmin Bai, received the award. The “2019 Enterprise Excellence Awards Presentation Dinner” was jointly organized by Hongkong-Mainland International Investment Society, AMO Strategic Advisors and Porda Havas, aiming at pushing forward the innovation and internationalization of Chinese enterprises.

Panda Green has taken its social responsibility in a variety of aspects, such as building clean-energy plants in poverty areas, organizing summer campus themed with global climate change and spreading the concept of sustainable development. For Panda Green, spreading and practicing the concept of sustainable development is not only a social responsibility, but also a source of power. Ms. Hui Zhong, the Chief Executive Officer, said that the honor was a compliment as well as a spur. In the future, the company will continue to take its responsibility, and make contributions to the society.