Panda Green Visited the Anti-Corruption Base of Guangdong Province

In order to improve the awareness of risk as well as strengthening the anti-corruption education, the management and staff of Panda Green visited the Anti-Corruption Base of Guangdong Province.

Following the commentator, the staff visited five exhibition rooms. The examples hanging on the walls were warning all the staff that the expense of corruption was extremely heavy , and that we should keep away of such deeds.

After the visit, the chief executive director, Ms. Zhong Hui, organized a talk, encouraging everyone to express their feelings. Many of the staff said that they were moved and that they were determined to refuse any temptation to the illegal deeds, behaving professional and honest in their daily work.


Ms. Zhong Hui said, such activity is vital in developing a positive and honest atmosphere of the company. We need to root the idea of compliance in everyone’s mind, for the sake of the long-term development of the company.