Company News│Panda Green Held Economic Activity Analysis Meeting for the First Half of 2020

On August 25th, Panda Green held the economic activity analysis meeting for the first half of 2020, aiming to summarize and review the overall performance of production and operation in the first half of the year, sort out existing problems and difficulties, formulate targeted solutions, study the macroeconomic and industry situation, arrange and deploy the main tasks in the second half of the year to ensure the completion of various tasks and objectives throughout the year.

The company's co-CEO Zhu Jun presided over the meeting. At the meeting, the heads of various regional companies and functional departments combined their respective functions and responsibilities to report on the performance of the operation indicators, key tasks and key projects in the first half of the year, analyzed the situation and difficulties they were faced with, and put forward targeted measures.


Chairman and CEO Zhang Ping attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhang Ping fully affirmed the phased results achieved by the company's work in the first half of the year. Zhang Ping pointed out that in the first half of the year, the company's production and operation were generally stable, governance and control were continuously improved, project expansion was steadily advanced, and good results were achieved.

Zhang Ping put forward specific requirements for the critical tasks in the second half of the year:

The first is to fully complete the annual key performance indicators, through measures such as increasing electricity generation, promoting the commissioning of projects under construction, reducing financial costs, and optimizing stock assets, increase revenue and reduce expenditures with higher efficiency. It is necessary to quantify indicators, decompose tasks, and assess results rigidly.

The second is to continually focus on safety production, to implement the primary responsibilities at all levels, strengthen inspection and assessment, and strictly reward and penalize to ensure smooth operation. Simultaneously, we will promptly promote the construction of benchmark demonstration power stations, formulate relevant standards, and form a standardized system to drive the company's overall management level of power stations.

The third is to fully implement organizational reforms, brainstorm and listen to opinions, and activate development momentum. As a pilot enterprise of Beijing Energy Holding Group's "Double Hundred Action" reform,we will speed up the company's marketization and international development in accordance with the overall idea of improving the headquarters, realizing the region, and improving the power station.

Fourth, we must fully leverage company's advantages in state-owned capital and marketization, seize new energy development opportunities, focus on strategic goals, formulate solutions to problems, and make breakthroughs one by one to ensure the completion of the year-end tasks and goals, which is a good start for the company's future development.

The fifth is to uphold the people-oriented approach, build an efficient team through selecting professional managers, double selection of mid-level cadres, and organizational adjustments to create an excellent corporate culture.

The sixth is to make every effort to solve the problems left over from history. All employees of the company, especially regional companies, must take the initiative, cooperate to solve historical issues, and ensure the continuity of work; continue to promote hierarchy reduction plan, sort out work schedules, and advance actively and orderly.

Seventh, the risk of uncertainty in overseas investment has increased this year. As the main platform for Beijing Energy Holding Group's overseas clean energy investment, we must establish crisis awareness, improve risk control capabilities and public relations response capabilities, and avoid the formation of new problems in the development process.

Eighth, the company must improve its position, continue to strengthen its awareness of prevention and responsibility, and implement detailed epidemic prevention and control work to ensure the health of employees and the regular operation of various production and operation tasks.

Finally, Zhang Ping emphasized that there are still more than four months to go before the end of the year. The company must continue to work hard, race against time, seize opportunities, manage finely, and be brave enough to promote all tasks to ensure that the company's goals and tasks are fully completed.