Panda green energy renamed as Beijing Energy International to build a clean energy ecological investment operator
On the evening of September 15, panda green energy (00686. HK) announced that the company was officially renamed as Beijing Energy International Holding Co., Ltd., and its stock abbreviation would be changed to "Beijing Energy International". This is a further action of accelerating transformation and showing a brand new market image since Beijing energy group took the lead in February this year.

According to the new positioning, Beijing Energy International will be an important carrier of Jingneng's clean energy industry ecosystem investment, a pioneer of market-oriented system and mechanism innovation, and a test field for the reform of state-owned enterprise capital investment companies, and strive to build a world-class clean energy ecological investment operator.

"China's energy supply side optimization continues to deepen, the proportion of coal, oil and other traditional energy consumption has declined year by year, and the demand for clean energy has increased steadily." Hu Xue, an analyst with Zhongyu information, told the Securities Daily that in recent years, the clean energy sector has been strongly supported by finance and finance in terms of policy, technology and environmental protection. As an important part of China's green development, the clean energy industry has a bright future.

Focus on the main business and undertake the strategic mission of overseas development

On February 18, this year, Beijing Energy Group successfully subscribed for 7.177 billion additional shares issued by panda Green Energy Group Co., Ltd. through Jingneng Hong Kong, an overseas investment and financing platform company, and became the largest shareholder of panda green energy.

Zhang Ping, chairman of the board of directors of panda green energy, said that Beijing Energy Group's accession to the host company is a substantial move of Beijing to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises and establish mixed ownership system. It is also the main focus of system and mechanism innovation after Beijing energy group was approved as a pilot enterprise of state-owned capital investment company, and an important layout of Beijing Energy Group's medium and long-term strategic plan for clean energy.

After the strategic shareholding of Jingneng group, the company will further focus on the main business of clean energy, take safe and stable production as the basis, take high-quality development as the core, take the improvement of efficiency as the goal, give full play to the advantages of market-oriented mechanism, improve the corporate governance system, and achieve sustainable and stable development.

According to the strategic positioning of "focusing on the main business, national layout and global development", panda green energy will take high-quality development as the core, give full play to the market-oriented mechanism and overseas financing advantages of Hong Kong listed companies, accelerate the large-scale and intensive development of new energy such as photovoltaic power generation. Rio Tinto will develop overseas clean energy market, explore the integrated development of hydrogen energy, energy storage and renewable energy Build core competitiveness, and provide strong support for Beijing Energy Group to build an international first-class capital comprehensive energy service group.

Analysts believe that after the name change of panda green energy, the goal and value of diversified and international business will be clearer, and it is expected to further play its original core advantages and continuously advance in the field of clean energy.

Diversified layout and international transformation

According to the goal of panda green energy planning, by the end of 2025, while realizing the installed capacity, a clean energy ecosystem of "green oriented, multi energy complementary and intelligent cooperation" will be built simultaneously.

The reporter also noted that after the Beijing Energy Group became the owner this year, the transformation of panda green energy has been accelerated and its actions have been frequent. The company has actively locked in development resources in Hebei, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Hubei, Xinjiang and other places, further strengthened its independent development ability and accelerated the large-scale development of clean energy. While focusing on its main business and accelerating its large-scale development, panda green energy is also exploring and trying to seek new business highlights, continuously accelerating strategic transformation, so as to create a clean energy ecosystem. It is understood that the business scope of panda green energy will cover the whole industrial chain of clean energy such as photovoltaic power generation, wind power, hydrogen energy, energy storage, energy Internet, and comprehensive energy.

"One belt, one road" along the route of the project will be further developed and strengthened. The cooperation mode of "going out to sea" can effectively implement the strategy of going out.

Increase the application and transformation of energy technology

From a global perspective, the development of clean energy is imperative. On September 8, Morgan Stanley issued a report, pointing out that China may raise its renewable energy planning in the 14th five year plan. It is estimated that non fossil energy will reach 15% in 2020 and 20% in 2030. In addition, in the face of the impact of the new epidemic situation on the economies of various countries, the European Union took the lead in launching the concept of "green recovery" of 500 billion euro to stimulate the economy on May 27. New energy power generation will be an important means to stimulate the economy. The investment income of green and clean energy such as photovoltaic power generation is fixed and clear, and the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour is continuously reduced. In the future, countries around the world may follow the example of the European Union to implement the similar green new deal strategy.

Analysts believe that in the future, clean energy will become a hot spot for investment in various countries, especially in China, which is an important pillar of new infrastructure construction with clear direction and broad prospects.

The reporter of Securities Daily inquired about the official website of panda lvneng and found that in recent months, the company's senior executives have intensively investigated regional companies and grass-roots power stations. Zhang Ping, chairman of the board of directors, has repeatedly expressed his confidence in the future development of the industry and the company.

For future development, the above-mentioned panda green energy related people also said that the company is in the near future, according to the medium and long-term planning outline, to refine and prepare the development roadmap of the "14th five year plan" to ensure the completion of the established goals of the "14th five year plan". In the long run, the company will fully grasp the entry of clean energy industry