Beijing Energy International completes the selection of professional managers

On September 21, Beijing Energy International Holding Co., Ltd. held a professional manager appointment ceremony. On behalf of the company's board of directors, Zhang Ping, chairman of the board of directors, presented the appointment letter to the new president Zhu Jun and the professional manager team, and signed the performance appraisal responsibility letter for 2020. So far, the selection and employment of professional managers of the company was successfully concluded.

In the next step, the professional manager team of the company will fully perform the annual performance contract under the strong support of shareholders and the leadership of the board of directors. 

In accordance with the strategic positioning of "focusing on the main business, national layout and global development", focusing on the main line of work such as enterprise development, institutional reform, operation and management, the company has continuously strengthened its development momentum, and started a new journey of rapid and sustainable development with the name of Beijing Energy International Holding Co., Ltd. as a new starting point.