Kan Xing ,the general manager of Jingneng group, and his party went to Beijing Energy International for investigation and guidance

On the morning of October 23, 2020, Kan Xing,the general manager of Beijing Energy Group Co., Ltd. and his party went to Beijing Energy International to hold an on-site meeting on enterprise operation and development. Heads of relevant departments of Beijing Energy Group, Beijing energy international leading group and relevant departments attended the meeting.


Kan fully affirmed the achievements made by Jingneng international in its work, and said that the Group actively encouraged Jingneng International to strengthen and expand its enterprise and realize its goal and vision of high-quality development, and would continue to increase support in combination with the characteristics of Beijing Energy International's market-oriented operation. Finally, he put forward four requirements for the operation and development of Beijing Energy International: First, Beijing Energy International should continue to speed up project development, form a large-scale advantage, layout the world, focus on the future, innovate mode, and walk in the forefront of new energy development field; Second, it should adhere to the market rules to promote enterprise management, and benchmarking the international first-class enterprises fundamentally from the system and mechanism; Third, it should establish the international first-class enterprises The fourth is to actively implement the special action of "three reductions, one reduction and one promotion" to ensure the completion of the annual target tasks and make greater contributions to the development of the group company.