Jingneng Group Chairman Jiang Fan and his party Beijing Energy International (Shenzhen) research and guidance work

On the morning of November 6, 2020, Jiang Fan, chairman of Jingneng group, and his party visited Beijing Energy International (Shenzhen) for investigation and guidance and held a staff representative forum. Liu Strait, deputy general manager of Beijing Energy Group, Zhang Xueliang, Secretary of the board of directors and office director of the group, accompanied the investigation. In Shenzhen, members of the international leading group, heads of relevant departments and some staff representatives attended the forum.

Before the meeting, leaders of Jingneng group visited Beijing Energy International Business and maintenance cloud center and Shenzhen office area.

At the meeting, Zhang Ping, chairman of the board of directors of Beijing Energy International and Secretary of the general Party branch, gave a special report on the implementation of key work such as the completion of business indicators, the solution of remaining problems, the reform of system and mechanism, the strengthening of operation and management, and the strengthening of benchmarking management, as well as the medium and long-term development ideas, objectives and safeguard measures. Since the holding of Jingneng group, Jingneng international has actively solved the historical problems, and the enterprises have developed healthily with light equipment; it has improved the management and control system, accelerated the reform of enterprises and stimulated the vitality; focused on the main business, accelerated the coordinated development of large-scale, focused on the future, strengthened the project resource reserve, focused on accelerating the overseas market layout, controlled financial risks, continuously improved the level of capital operation, and benchmarked international one Flow, strengthen management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, has achieved remarkable development results.

Subsequently, the meeting focused on the development of the company, the support of Jingneng group and key business issues. During the forum, employee representatives spoke enthusiastically and expressed their encouragement for the strong support of Jingneng group and the professional, market-oriented and humanized management of the company's senior management team. They had a sense of achievement for the unprecedented cohesion, practical development, joint efforts and achievements of the company. They had a sense of belonging to the company's corporate culture of "caring for everyone and valuing the small family" The company's future development vision and personal good life are full of confidence and yearning.

Finally, Jiang Fan put forward work requirements for the future development of Jingneng international. He stressed: first, it is necessary to pursue excellence, firmly adhere to the international first-class development goal, benchmarking with international first-class enterprises in terms of system and mechanism, management level, technological innovation, talent concept, etc., so as to complement their own shortcomings, strive for the best in the industry, the strongest core competitiveness, and continue to focus on the expansion of scale. Second, while expanding domestic project resources, we should spare no effort to expand overseas projects, bravely shoulder heavy burdens, dare to show our sword, and shine brilliantly on the international stage. Third, we should be brave in striving for the first place and realizing innovative development. We should give full play to the advantages of mixed ownership, implement the innovation of physical mechanism, management ideas and employment; focus on the introduction of war investment to realize financing innovation and solve the problems restricting the development of enterprises; we should pay attention to the means of informatization, constantly improve the management level and efficiency, innovate production and operation, and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase. Fourth, in the process of innovation, we should learn from the steady and normative characteristics of state-owned enterprises, continue to pay attention to compliance and risk control, abide by commitments, abide by the system, and create a compliance culture. Fifthly, we should strengthen the party's construction, give full play to the organizational strength, unite and inspire the people, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. The sixth is to create a clean and pure, harmonious development, unity and upward cultural atmosphere, to create a good development environment for enterprises and employees. Seventh, we should stick to the bottom line of self-discipline, work in a clean manner, improve the mechanism and strengthen supervision from the perspective of system and compliance, so as to ensure the healthy development of enterprises.