Stay Ambitious, Stay Courageous: The New Year’s Message for 2024 by Chairman Zhang Ping of BJ ENERGY INTL

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the promises of a new dawn, on this special occasion, on behalf of the board of directors and management of the company, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to our staff members at all levels, to friends and partners who have long cared for and supported Beijing Energy International! 

A long journey requires endurance and perseverance. In 2023, Beijing Energy International will focus on its positioning of “a year of breakthrough”, with the main line of “seeking progress while maintaining stability, optimizing layout, fine management, and tackling difficulties and creating efficiency”, the company will work together to overcome difficulties, continue to seize development opportunities, improve comprehensive management, unleash the vitality of systems and mechanisms, and maintain a strong momentum of high-quality and rapid development. In the face of opportunities and challenges, all staff members stayed calm and worked hard; with our concerted efforts and consensus, we’ve accomplished a number of tremendous tasks. 

A Trailblazing Year 

This year, we optimized our main business and achieved remarkable results in high-quality development. We deepened the development route of “integrating reserve bases, synergized development and international expansion”, optimized the layout of fostering the “one-center, dual-circle and one-focus”, continued to pay attention to the efficient construction of the “north-circle” base project to achieve scale effect, and focused on building the scientific layout of the “south-circle” cluster project to achieve synergistic effect. We deeply cultivated Beijing’s local market and promoted the green and low-carbon transformation of local energy; deepened strategic cooperation and innovated the development model. We became deeply rooted in the Australian market, actively expanded the clean energy market of Vietnam and other RCEP countries, and increased the number of projects in Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Europe and other countries and regions. Encouraged by our ambitious goals to develop renewable energy, we are confident in overcoming any challenges lying ahead. 

An Innovative Year

This year, we enriched the diversified layout of business modality and strengthened the expansion into new fields. Our hydropower and park-based integrated energy business continued to expand, high-quality energy storage projects were implemented one after another, and the green hydrogen business was substantially promoted. Taking the opportunity of building the Beijing AI Public Computing Platform, we’ve been cultivating the digital computing industry and promoting the integrated development of “electric power + computing power”, and innovating the development of integrated smart energy to accelerate the implementation of “photovoltaic +”projects. All our staff members have carried forward the spirit of making new breakthroughs, and always strive to be innovative pioneers. 

A Pivotal Year

This year, we have worked hard and made landmark achievements: completed the pouring project of all 2.38 GW wind turbine foundation in Tongliao within four months, creating the fastest record in the industry; was assigned the domestic AAA credit rating and the highest ESG entity rating by Sustainable Fitch; completed the country’s first photovoltaic public offering REITs listing; increased capital to hold Baoshan Energy Development and achieved a breakthrough in hydropower projects. With great courage, all staff members are fearless and determined to rise to any challenges. 

A Motivational Year 

This year, our management has been able to tackle difficulties and enhance efficiency, and systematically improved the company’s vitality. To align with world-class standard, we focused on continuous management improvement, optimized management structure, strengthened team building, stimulated organizational vitality, expanded financing channels, improved capital structure, so that the company can constantly adapt to the needs of international development. We will continue to forge ahead with hope and confidence. 

Looking back, we’ve covered a long journey and crossed thousands of mountains. The road ahead is full of hopes. The past three years have been filled with great dedication and mixed feelings. And now, as the year 2023 is going to be wrapped up, we cherish the unforgettable years in which everyone worked together. A great goal is never easy to be realized, instead, it can only be attained with not only the support and trust of all shareholders and directors, but also the tremendous efforts in shooting problems of all staff members. And for that, I would like to express my greatest respect and heartfelt thanks to all of you! 

Good omens of early spring are heralding another promising year. We foresee that the year 2024 is full of challenges, but we see that we will also be able to embrace new opportunities and embark on this new journey. In the face of unprecedented tests and challenges, we will continue to create value, cultivate our employees, harvest investment returns for our shareholders, contribute to our society, continue to improve our core competitiveness, and strive to build the company into a first-class international clean energy provider, green investor and operator! 

As we start a successful new chapter,

I wish all of you and your family members prosperity, successful career,

great health, and all the best!