BJ ENERGY INTL Won the “Best Green Financial Product Award” of CNABS Asset Securitization Annual Meeting

        On December 28The golden laurel award selection of the 8th CNABS Asset Securitization Annual Meeting recognized the product of “Beijing Energy International Phase I Asset-backed Securities Special Plan (ABS) (Carbon Neutralization)” issued by Beijing Energy International as the winner of the “Best Green Financial Product Award” in fierce competition. 

CNABS Annual Meeting is a high-profile meeting with high recognition and huge impact in domestic asset securitization. All previous meetings have been closely followed and actively participated by domestic and foreign asset securitization players. The securitization products issued by Beijing Energy International have been recognized by the industry, which is an affirmation of the company’s achievements in continuous expansion and innovation and green financing tools, and also reflects the market’s recognition of the company.

In the future, the company will continue to explore innovative green financing channels, explore high-quality financial products and revitalize existing assets to achieve high-quality development.