BJ ENERGY INTL Held Talks with Sinopec Engineering Incorporation

On May 12, 2023, vice president Wang Liuhu and vice president Wu Chaoke of Beijing Energy International visited Liu Jie, deputy general manager of Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (SEI), and the two sides exchanged on in-depth cooperation in hydrogen production with green electricity, and ammonia and methanol synthesis with new energy.

During the meeting, the two sides introduced their respective business development and key projects and agreed that the development concepts of both companies are highly aligned, with strong business complementarity and massive cooperation space. It is agreed that they will strengthen communication, deepen cooperation on wind power, hydrogen production from photovoltaic green electricity, synthetic ammonia and methanol, fully capitalize on their respective advantages in resources, talent and technology for common development, and contribute to promoting the green and low-carbon transformation in the energy sector.

Dai Wensong, a senior expert of Sinopec, Zhang Tao, secretary of the Party branch and deputy general manager of SEI Marketing Department, Wu Qunying, deputy manager of Engineering Consulting Department, Chen Yulin, manager of New Energy Project Group of Engineering Consulting Department, Ma Siyao, project manager of Engineering Consulting Department, Zhang Xu, professor-level senior engineer of Process Section, Dai Fei, deputy general manager of Marketing Department and manager of the North Region; Sun Rui, deputy general manager of the Strategic Investment Department of Beijing Energy International, Shi Xin, deputy general manager of North Branch Company and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.