BJ ENERGY INTL Was Invited to Attend the 2023 Green, Low Carbon and High-quality Development Conference

On August 29, 2023, Beijing Energy International was invited to attend the 2023 Green, Low Carbon and High-quality Development Conference.

Jia Geng, vice president of Beijing Energy International, represented the company at the promotion event on the energy projects for transition of growth drivers. During the meeting, Jia Geng met with Zheng Yuewen, deputy party secretary of Rongcheng Municipal Committee and mayor. It is agreed that this meeting is a key step towards stimulating economic vitality, which is critical for closer cooperation between government and enterprise, promoting industrial project landing and achieving high-quality development of local economy. Beijing Energy International will make full use of Rongcheng’s rich wind and solar resources as a dominant strength to fully promote its new energy projects and supporting industries, and jointly boost economic development and energy transformation.

The Conference was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China Association for Science and Technology and Shandong Provincial Government. As the first international grand event with the theme of green, low-carbon and high-quality development in the province, the conference focused on the achievements of the pioneering areas of green, low-carbon and high-quality development, released relevant technical standards and expanded the exchange and cooperation.