New Energy Projects
Yulin Photovoltaic Power Station in Shaanxi Province

The Yulin Photovoltaic Power Station is located in Yuyang District, Yulin City, with an installed capacity of 300 MW. It covers an area of 9,916.01 mu (around 661 hectares), with an annual power generation of 490 million kWh, equivalent to saving about 171,500 tons of standard coal per year. The project site is a typical sandy and grassy area. In order to build a more sustainable and stable ecological environment, the project greening project has built a large green area, including the greening of roads, inverters, well sites and pipelines. Trees such as pinus sylvestris, sabina vulgaris, amorpha fruticosa linn as well as grass have been planted in 2.2 million square meters of land and space. The project provides high-quality clean energy for Yuyang District of Yulin City, and at the same time, it makes continuous contribution to the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main supply to serve the national dual carbon goals.