New Energy Projects
Shanghai Pico Distributed Photovoltaic Project in Jiading District

Shanghai Pico Distributed Photovoltaic Project in Jiading District is located in the Pico Creative Park in Jiading District, Shanghai, with an installed capacity of 1.99 megawatts, operating under the “self-consumption with excess electricity uploading to the grid” mode. The project will apply digital technology and intelligent operation and maintenance systems to achieve unattended operation through remote centralized control. It also employs system integration optimization and information sharing to realize unified access, storage, and management of power station operation, electrical equipment, environment, security, video, and other comprehensive information. The project provides operational monitoring, control, comprehensive analysis, intelligent alarm, operation management, and auxiliary application functions. Upon completion, it is expected to produce about 1.86 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity annually, saving approximately 5,700 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 17,810 tons. This project further supports sustainable energy, economic, and social development in Shanghai and contributes to the early realization of the city’s dual carbon goals.